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My blog needs some cats in sweaters.

every blog needs some cats in sweaters



Game of Thrones and Adventure Time are basically the same show.

20 August 2014
4 August 2014

i turn 21 tomorrow D:

22 July 2014

never come on here anymore and its kinda sad :( 

my laptop battery has died, i cant unplug from the mains and its just effort to even come on it 

im wasting my life on steam playing the 25+ games that i bought in the summer sale on my pc 

and moaning my life away at work 

Hey there my sweet, your pretty face, heart stopping smile, and stunning eyes keep popping into my thoughts, so I thought of sail past your tumblr and say hello. Your anon x

your anons are really the only reason i ever come on here <3 

23 April 2014

Daenerys “someone is going to die” Targaryen face

oops - typing on the phone really does bring about some interesting spelling. I have thought several times about not being an anon, but the only reason I come on here is for you, and if your not going to be around much, it doesn't seem like there would be much point. Maybe our ships are finally starting to sail in different directions :(

im still around, still get emails about asks from you, I just don’t go on my laptop all that much anymore because it needs a new battery and always had to be plugged into mains electricity. even if you don’t come off anon, im still here to talk! ^-^

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