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Hey you. The warm sunshine made me think of your smile and ad it's been a long time I wondered how you ate and what your up to. Love your non stalker, lol. X

it has been a very long time! rarely come on this tumblr any more, although i probably should! i’m good thank you, having lots of dreams about my teeth falling out which isn’t fun but hey! Still not thinking of coming off anon? 

18 February 2014
12 February 2014

anyone fancy watching my boyfriend race… 

hes in 2nd place atm

(he does this irl too, in formula 3 cars)

11 February 2014
9 February 2014
He wasn't just surplus, he was inbred and would have faced a lot of major complications later on in his life. He would have had to have been put down anyway.

there is no information i’ve read about him being inbred.

he was killed to prevent inbreeding

rip to the innocent giraffe killed and fed to the lions because he was surplus

26 January 2014


seven billion people on this planet and i have 2 friends


i talk a lot of shit for someone who’s scared to make a phone call tbh



Keira Knightley talks about Pirates of the Caribbean and her boobs.

It was realising I had a crush on Keira Knightley that helped me realise that perhaps I wasn’t exactly straight.

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